Upon successful completion of this module, Students are expected to an in depth understanding of :

1.      The development of accounting standards and theory, the role of ethics in accounting, and economic consequences.

2.      The application of the accounting conceptual framework to contemporary issues and convergence projects between FASB and IASB.

3.      Assess the development and objective of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).    

4.      Evaluate income concepts and current changes to revenue recognition application and its impact in earnings.  

5.      Construct financial reporting statements and develop an in depth understanding on the nature and accounting of their elements.

This course aims to enables students to understand the organizations and the business environments. It provides students with the most up-to-date and contemporary treatment of the way managers attempt to increase organizational effectiveness. Students will learn the principles of Organizational Theory including: the fundamentals of the organization, its goals, dimensions, determinants, theories, forms, organizational design and change and how the organization meets the interests of all stakeholders to achieve effectiveness in organizations.