This course includes a study of the basics of plant pathology, types of pathogens, Disease life cycle, disease induced mechanisms, symptoms of infection, plant defense mechanisms, Examples of the most important plant diseases, and methods of control.

Description: This course introduces the significance of agriculture internationally and in Jordan, as well as the fundamentals of plant identification and classification. This course also covers the fundamentals of the major physiological processes in plants, such as photosynthesis and cell respiration, as well as the factors that influence plant growth, development, management, and usage. Introduction to the primary methods of plant propagation and a quick overview of plant hormones.


Purpose: This course introduces students to the significance of plants, their taxonomy, anatomy, the key physiological processes in plants, the elements that influence plant growth and development, the role of plant hormones in plant growth, and the methods for plants propagation.

Description: This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of plant protection, including both plant pathology and entomology. Describe the taxonomy, symptoms, type of the damage, host plants, date of occurrence, methods of eradication, and ways of control. In addition, it will present examples of economically significant insect and plant disease pests in Jordan.


Purpose: This course is designed to offer students with a foundational understanding of key ideas in plant protection, diverse techniques to managing plant insect pests and diseases, and an overview of the most prevalent insects and diseases in Jordan.