This course covers introduction to biotechnology including: definition, history of biotechnology, tissue culture, molecular genetics and genetic engineering, impact of plant, animal and the microbial biotechnology on agriculture.  

This course provides the students with basic knowledge in DNA as basic material of genetic engineering and also the cell function and structure, which considered the starting point in biotechnology development. This course also includes an introduction to biotechnology current applications and future directions. This course consists of informal lectures and interactive discussions led by faculty of Agricultural technology.

The course provides students with fundamental knowledge and principle skills needed to succeed in the area of Agricultural biotechnology. The course will help students to identify the main objective of biotechnology in the field of agriculture such as improve the quality of seeds, produce the disease resistance varieties, increase the yielding capacity etc.

The course will improve student knowledge background to the recent research methodology applications in agricultural products markets.

Students need to know how biotechnology studies manipulate living things or their component molecules, cells, tissues, or organs to improve agriculture and contribute to food security.