Course Description 

This course identifies to the students the basic knowledge of the International business. Provides the Students with an overview of the strategies and tactics that international companies use to design, operate, control, and implement business activities in the world. Students will learn to overcome challenges such as cultural, economic, and political differences by emphasizing various functions of international business, including distribution and logistics, production, global sourcing, export strategies and sales, strategic alliances, international marketing and international human resources management. 

Course Objectives 

1. Introducing the student to basic theoretical, conceptual, empirical, and methodological traditions that underpin the context, operation, and flow of international business.  

2. Spread awareness of the different thinking and viewpoints of diverse cultures. 

3. To know the impacts of culture and the political, economic, ethical, and legal systems on global corporate strategy as well as the influence of international institutions 

4. Provides an overview of the importance of international business and trade in the global economy, explores the factors and environment that influence success in international markets 

5. Enhance the student’s individual and group-oriented learning tools and skills.