• 1 Learning Games
    Our interactive and engaging learning games with SCORM tracking gives the students an exciting learning experience.
  • 2 Learning Animations
    HEC develops conceptual animations, simulations to improve the understanding and increase the interest in learning.
  • 3 Testimonial
    HEC support the Instructors to develop dynamic, interactive and collaborative learning materials in the form of online/blended elearning courses to enhance the teaching/ learning experience.
  • 4 Hourani eLearning Center
    The Center is equipped with a state of the art equipment, technologies, and systems to promote and enhance the education process and delivery of courses.
Welcome to Al - Ahliyya Amman University Learning Management System (MOODLE).

This is a great collaborative platform which is capable of hosting and sharing all the learning resources and facilitates the learning activities such as assignments, quizzes, discussion forums, chat rooms, learning games etc to enhance the teaching and learning experience in AAU.
All the Instructors and students can gain access to the rich and interactive courses of AAU by login using the username and password provided to you. If you face any difficulties accessing the system, please call us at: 2044.

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Contact Us

Hourani eLearning Center
Office Telephone Ext:2044

Ahmad Al-Shalabi
LMS & AMS Administrator

HEC Team

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